Below are the lyrics to my songs. Ive been very hesitant to do this because my lyrics are very heavy on word play, double and sometimes triple meaning and I don’t want to take away the magic and fun from analyzing, interpreting and critiquing what I could possibly mean in the songs (Not too sound cocky :]). With that said here are the lyrics:


With my bob Dylan fro/
Waving in the air/
Stage diving onto stands/
Cause the fans are not there/
Thats what I plan to switch up/
Throw your hands in a prayer/
The ceremonies started/
These are lines for nadir/
Magical ass fucking hell
Sleeveless but still tricking well/
They hope that I start messing up/
no typos there’s no miss spells/
No fantasia brooms/
No Mickey mouse in training/
This is Merlin in his prime/
How you think I get them swayin/
Niggas out here lying
Say they with the struggle/
But just cause you poor/
Don’t mean that you grinding none you/
On my fucking level
but I hope that you make it/
So we can start to revel/
I ain’t selfish I’ll let you taste it/
I be cocky, I be vain/
I be fly, I be plane/
I be riding on the wing/
Only time I’ll be a wing man/
My raps are so important/
videos are played on c-span/
Wing span real grand/
Got me green like Peter pan/
Nigga hol up
Ain’t you see how I tore it up/
That Camouflage I wore it up/
Ain’t mj but I’m bout as bad/
I seen blood in abadobad/
That seal team leave no gaps/
I Live by my own rule/
I will bring new York back/
Ya so cat, thats 9 lives/
Not English, that’s 9 like/
A German no/
Like hitler in inglorious
When brad Pitt was killin cold/
some niggas rich most niggas po/
Take a guess of how I roll/
Spitting hot fire/
Call me dylon or pyro/
Breeze Embalm’s the name though/
And you should get used to it/
Rapper from the catacombs/
I hope that you don’t stoop to this/
Tipi ta, sada tey/
This that pootie tang/
Rapping way/
Saying nothing on a track but still moving crowds/
Not a sound  but parents will still turn it down/
Niggas on my shit like flys oh wow/
Niggas on my tip like gratuity/
Anomonopia like pow pow pow/
No violence in my set this is unity/
Ya riding on the ships that’ll sink/
If it leaks if your lips get loose/
Where the speech with the heat/
Is too much for the burners of the coal/
My runners of the soul of the engine that could/
Got the flow that’ll keep a boat running for days/
If you pay with the papers that read in god we trust/
Cause till tomb it’s ignorant is we/
Keep it going for the seas and the shores/
Never dry ever more Kennedy/
Keep it green like the people for the peace/
For you see we the team/
Joey keys on the beat/
Got the breeze to drop science like Christian curriculum/
And like Noah’s arc I stay afloat with all of my specimen/
Cause I could never hold out on my crew/
At least for now/

My best friends a weed head

That weed smoke them red eyes
That green goddess scent rise/
That Bottom drawer that stash hides/
Mom dukes knows she let it slide/
See his hair now, he’s rocking dreads/
Cheech and Chong posters bove his bed/
Think My best friends a weed head/
My best friends a weed head/

My friend thinks I should rap better
Doesn’t like my style not slightly/
Seeing I feel that no one better/
I told him he could bite me/
Said I should rhyme more like wiz/
Sign to jet life roll with currency/
Then pulled out a fat ass blunt/
Blew clouds at my face purposely/
And I’m never lending that nigga shirts/
Nope man not ever again/
And I’m not being sour
he just makes em smell like sour/
I guess it’s all cool
Just stay away from the powder/
Puff puff and pull/
Till you green faced like bowser/
that fire flower/
Natural herbs/
It gave him power/
And even through all this/
Swears to death hes not addicted/
Smoking death when he kick it/
And I be choking off that/


He thinks he’s all cool for it/
Started off in college/
Cause some chick there didn’t want him/
So he took her to his cottage/
Along with friends so they can smoke/
He was hoping he would poke/
That’s that big bong theory/
He was wrong ain’t get to gloat/
And now he’s stuck on being stuck/
That’s that stuff I never touch/
I let my lungs breathe easy/
That’s why I’m never wheezy/
Had some people try to coax me/
Yea, my best friend mostly/
Always lacing up his brownies/
Got to watch him closely/
Found himself a dealer/
that accepts visa/
Took his smoking to the limit/
Getting high off interest/
Smoking like a pro
Chasing them hoes/
Taking dates to a head shop
Now that’s a new low Cause that

It was clear, how is it that I could not see/
I should have known when he asked for a cup of my pee/
I kid man, it ain’t all that serious
My Boys still on point like hes  high off cereus
I ain’t all legal so if I get dime’d/
My boy got 5 on it, one time!/


No scratch that I know
My best friends a weed head
No doubt now I know
My best friends a weed head
Hell puff that real slow
No passing no passing
You know he needs that dro
Glaucoma umm nope, but he needs that/


im sorry, sorry that that happened/You thought I was a pussy/You thought id take it nappin/There will be no counting sheep/There will be no catching letters/was a soldier at your peek/Now meet the super shredder/Cause all my niggas know/I got that iceberg flow/We trying to ball and this going let us/think I’m slow pied piper/I’m the one who layed the feta/ There’s rats in Hamlin/ but I row with my cats like Noah’s arc/And the fact that this happen you should see you missed the mark/Cause like first letter in snellen chart/Imma do it real big get it pumping like a blue whales heart/I’m stunting, stuntin on a budget but I do it how I does it that’s the way the fans love it man/shout outs go to Jacob lee, simi valley and the Arraseef’s/Niggas that support homes/like section 8, I’m feeling great/the proof is in the pudding and I’ll get what I put in/so I bare it all/ beads out at mardigras/

Oh noo there goes another one
Oh noo there goes  another one
devil with a contract/
Promising to bring you high/
And barely gives a contact/
Homie aint no friend of mine
I don’t need no fucking niggas like you/
I don’t need no fucking niggas like you/
They try to bring you down make your head spin around
There’s a snake in the grass  Dont youfall on my ass

Moving on no looking back/
I see a head like reds cap/
Fuck a pitch I’m stealing first/
No mumras to my thunder cat/
No niggas here can chop with  me/
No timbers from a lumber jack/
That team that you assembling/
Is weak like seven days in fact/
Im Always on my Saturday /
You fuck with me your week end/
It’s lights out like the matinee/
You stranded on the deep end/
Living in a fantasy, a shadow of your former self/
Remembering how it use to be, you think that is your current wealth/
Your wallet looking ghostly/
It use to be so full of life/
You holding up old trophies/
Now your cheese is full of mice/
You bring me down, I pick me up/
You say it’s fate I say it’s luck/
Different worlds  same earth/
And in here You ball like nerf/
Not so hard/
Stand your guard must discard/
Of stupid shit, that stupid people put on yall/Look at them and raise the bar/and break it down when you wish em off/If they not getting english make it finish with a French Au revoir/


I spend my days stressing/
Is what I’m doing right/
If I get up out the dark/
Does that mean I’ll see the light/
Tyler durden, personified with my workin/I’m never satisfied you see I’m always hurtin/ and it will be that way, until I find my searching/
Try to drown my sound out/
Like radio with cursing/
That tells me you want to fight/
But I’ll make sure they know your name/his name was Robert
It was Robert pulsin/
His name was Robert
Robert pulsin/
Robert pulsin/
Pulsing from my heart beat
veins all get filled with blood/
Adrenaline is pumpin through/
Then eye and eye gets opened up/
You see I’m seeing clearly now/
Clearly as I ever will/
There’s one thing that I’ll never doubt/
And that shit is my fucking skill/
And that shit is my fucking skill/


The no faces

Rummage in the lost and found/
You may find your soul there/
Sundered it without a care/
Your body is alone here/
What are you willing to give/
If you’d sell its worthless/
Your vital force is nugatory/
Down here up in purgatory/
Please Nadir/
do you feel these tears/
It’s no fair/
that breeze embalm can leave his tomb/
What’s makes him dear/
more so than me?/
I wound for you/
Gave womb for you!/

Mindlessly their hands is up
excitedly they dance it up
bounce bounce they bounce bounce
a jounce now to sped it up

This here where the dead come Where the dead rise/
Weather you scum Or a good one/
No face and no eyes(I)/
All lost see no windows(win though)/
To view the soul(sole)/
But we can see the many/
Blending in to appear as one(won)/
No thoughts for a penny/
Don’t matter if they can’t see/
Cause they love to move in herds(heards)/
Too risky to work through the ether/
That would gain them facial features/
And if they could be singled out/
They could be held accountable/
Rather move in bunches/
Where no one is responsible/

Mindlessly their hands is up
excitedly they dance it up
bounce bounce they bounce bounce
a jounce now to sped it up

The crescent moon is present/
That’s all we need cause we the fools/
Praying at the altar(alter)/
Hoping it would do just that/
If i stare long enough/
I could see the stars/
Through the cracks in the muddy sky/
made by those that could fly/
So we begin chanting these catchy hymns/
Hoomla stin-Ra opey doe to catch be rins/
No luck, what about blood?/
We could shed this/
Spread it on the crops done/
Hold on maybe it’s something esthetic/
Wants a change up through cosmetic/
Why what I want I can’t get it/
Might as well be a Repping ascetic/
I will try anything just to get it/
Or maybe I won’t, I think I’ll Wayne/
Let a higher power heal my pain/
It is not a problem for me to deign/
I don’t have any parts in my brain/
That is duly equipped to feel shame/
Barely got a voice box to frame my lows/
But I got veins can be dosed up to doze/
Waiting for nadir to lift me from here/
Grant me with riches in a higher tier/

My people, I see what you offered
My people, I see what you offered
My people, it is not enough

Mindlessly their hands is up
excitedly they dance it up
bounce bounce they bounce bounce
a jounce now to sped it up

My people

I’ll be here when you need me
Don’t even gotta call
Give you something to believe in
Well rise through it all
Give a hand when you need it/
and I’ll hold tight/
For as long as you need it/
I’m here all night/
Cause one day you might need me
One day you might need me
One day you might need me
Yea one day you might need me
And I’ll be here
Yea I’ll be here
I’ll be here

This songs for my niggas
And my bitch
We all got problems
We be on some shit/
We Got one an alcoholic
Who loves to rep it/
So it’s a skellington/
Thats out the closet/
One has a heart/
That ain’t worth shit/
Had it from the start/
we all hoping that it don’t quit/
One barely shows emotion
And one shows too much/
One those lacks motivation/
The others wastin skills/
And ones father Don’t know basics/
Forgets his fam but not his wheels/
if we asked he’d say he has love for real/
But I don’t even know we can’t be sure how he feels/
for his kids he has never shown zeal/
And my brother and I’s father left/
Coming from the hood nigga what you expect/
My bro had to be the man of the house/
I left him on his own
I could have helped easily/
But now/


Once you crumble paper it can never perfect/
But you can still draw something so beautiful/
Haters are erasers but we written in blood/
Ain’t nothing to be said
There’s nothing you can judge
My friends are my fams/
If you know what that’s like
Give me a show of hands/
It’s all peace when we meet
Never need to throw the hands/
I wanted to make a song
Pointing out our imperfections
So ya know I pay attention
And still think that ya the bomb/
but ya so messed up/
Ya deserve a musical/
Since I don’t have an orchestra
Consider this the prequel
To a long line of songs
Pointing out so much wrong
Ya would think I hate ya/
But nah it’s all love
Could feel the world on ya shoulders
Shake it off with a shrug
To some I say every day I love
Some just get rarer hugs
So Let me say it on a song
Ya my heart ya make it strong


I try to live life without stressing
And mostly I do call it my blessing
but really to be true
I let it be another’s curse
The burdens I ain’t wore
Becomes other people’s dressings
And no it’s not right
I Think I’ve learned that lesson
Now I gotta let them take a leave
And pay their pensions
What else ain’t I mention?
I’m lazy ass hell
I’m still writing this song
The day the EP should have fell
So well I guess it will be interesting to see how I prosper in industries that take grinding to prevail
I’m easily unfocused
Can be easily derailed
I’m trying all I can
So get un cast from this spell
I get upset when I notice I’m deterring from my plans/
But just stay angry as I sit on my hands/
I take action for a day
Then it’s procrastination all the way
But I got my team rooting and yea

[chorus 2]

They’ll be here when I need them
Don’t even gotta call
Give me something to believe in
Well rise through it all
Give a hand when I need it/
and I’ll hold tight/
For as long as I need it/
y’all here all night/
Cause one day I might need ya
One day I might need ya
One day I might need ya
Yea one day I might need ya
And ya’ll be here
Yea ya’ll be here
ya’ll be here

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