MaG – Freedom #BEapproved

Normally everything on here is about me, and sometimes I dabble in talking about me as well. Herein lies the first post not about I. Meet MaG a bronx rapper like yours truly who just dropped his Freedom project hosted by mickboogie and I approve so click the album art for the link. and continue reading for my review

Laid back beats and a steady paced flow throughout this project, its clear Mag does not want bells and whistles to distract from his thoughtful and poetic lyrics. This is especially evident on the opening track that is absent of drums. This a dope track with some good lyrics a stand out is “Dan Rather, I see B.S. from a distance” Mag also uses the word bogart in this track so you know its dope. Get a little deeper in the tape and we get to tracks like ‘Bestie’ that let you know the importance of faith to MaG tracks like these would easily get him stamped with the conscious rapper label. I don’t align myself with any religious thoughts but the meat of it is about uplifting the people and I can fuck with that. I also seen him perform this track live and he had fans swinging by after his set reciting that chorus. Everything comes to a close with paper airplanes, this track shows that mag cant show off and rap at you niggas! He going to fly away with his paper airplanes destination: Freedom.

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