Feature Story: Meet hip hop artist Breeze Embalm

The good Folks over at limerence magazine did a feature story on Breeze Embalm Check out an excerpt

Breeze Embalm, Bronx rapper, is taking the hip hop game by storm. Even though he did not listen to hip hop in the beginning, his newfound love for the genre shows throughout his music. He is a risk taker as he promotes the goodness of hip hop music and diversifying the art of storytelling. Breeze Embalm is an artist on the rise.

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Industry Spotlight: Interview

Check out this dope interview with Lawanda Johnson over at I am PR agency. Heres an excerpt:

How was the process when finishing your project, The Ceremony of Nadir?

The making of my EP The ceremony of Nadir was intense to say the least. It was intense because I put a pressure on my self to come out with a high quality product in a short period of time. I wanted to release completely new music from scratch since I was previously part of a rap duo I needed to make my mark. I hit up my good friend and producer Joey Keys to lay down the production. we worked closely together to make sure the sound was perfect for the stories I wanted to tell, and then I had to turn around and actually write those raps.


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