“I want to make music that makes other say, ‘damn, I wish I thought of that’” Bronx rapper Breeze Embalm released his first solo project ‘The ceremony of Nadir’. This EP is a lyrical adventure with songs like ‘My people’ a tribute to all of his closest friends, that has won him the John Lennon songwriting grand prize in the hip hop category with lines like “Once you crumble paper it can never be perfect, but you can still draw something so beautiful”.

Hip Hop wasn’t a given in the life of Breeze Embalm. Growing up in a house hold full of actors and actresses, his first love was film. “When your watching a movie, your not thinking its fake, that world becomes your world for that hour and a half”, he went on to use his talents in the hip hop community and has filmed a┬ánumber of notable MC’s including Busta Rhymes, Ab Soul, Wiz Khalifa, Logic and others.

As well as winning song writing awards Breeze Embalm was selected to play in Brooklyn Hip Hop festival sponsored by Yume. Red Bull soundstage has also taken notice as their expert Louis Vito selected him as one of his top hip hop artists on the entire site. He has also shared the stage with YC the Cynic, Chris Rivers, Dee-1, Kosha Dillz to name a few.

Breeze Embalm’s music has recently been featured on 2 Dope Boyz, DJ Booth, URB magazine, All Hip Hop, RESPECT magazine as his impact begins to be felt across the scene. The follow up to his award winning EP Embalming Fluid is coming August 17th with Features From Blu, Dessy Hinds (Pro Era) Enonymous and Amanda Maxine.

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